The harmonic realm and expansive resonance of The So Chord has been found to be very calming, grounding, memorizing and highly supportive in stimulating the body/mind’s natural relaxation response; thus supporting the body/mind’s natural healing process.

This musical journey provides a deep heart opening and soothing experience. Inspires a deep feeling of compassion, inner sense of peace, and being in love.

This musical journey was specially designed for those that resonate with a more flowing genre often associated with New Age music.

Specially designed to captivate, intrigue, and relax the overly active mind and body, especially when experienced through a So Sound® A.R.T. environment. So Jazz stimulates a sense of expanded awareness, mental agility and heightened creativity.

Turn off any distractions and let this sublime music work it’s magic. Perfect for meditation, healing, yoga and relaxation. All compositions, vocals and instruments by Matthew Kocel except for the tamboura on “Farewell to Atlantis” by Mark Fenster.