So Sound Retrofit Kit

Looking for ways to enhance your customer’s experience while maximizing your time?

The So Sound® Enhancement Kit translates music into a deeply soothing, stress reducing, mind/body, musical massage experience like nothing you have ever experienced before. Your clients will enjoy feeling the music they simultaneously hear, resonating through their entire body and mind; thus allowing them to more fully relax and receive the most benefit from their time with you.

The So Sound® ART (Acoustic Resonance Technology) can be quickly and easily installed on existing tables and other equipment; thus offering a complete sound healing solution for therapists, spas, and others wanting to enhance any treatment with the healing touch of music. Music’s universal power to beneficially impact the human body, mind and spirit is recognized in every culture around the world as appreciated in the growing field of sound and music therapy.

Simply listening to music provides one level of experience; feeling the music you simultaneously hear, resonate through your entire body/mind creates a sensory integrative, enhanced relaxation and rejuvenation experience that many share is “beyond words”.

Enhance your clients’ integrative health and wellness experience with the Healing Touch of Music!

Music Therapy, Bio-acoustic and Vibro-acoustic Research shows that sound and music can assist in:

  • Significant Stress Reduction, including symptoms of PTSD and Autism
  • Reduction in chronic muscle tension and pain management
  • Balancing heart rate; blood pressure and increasing circulation
  • Energizing and uplifting one’s mood, emotional health and well being
  • Enhancing creativity, communication, performance and problem solving capabilities.

NASA, NIH and other research is proving how beneficial utilizing “low-intensity, high frequency vibration” is in mitigation of bone loss, possible fat reduction, regeneration of tissues, and regulate critical stem cell processes.

So Sound® also provides music, meditation and So Sound® Sleep programs specifically developed to take advantage of our proprietary high fidelity A.R.T. (Acoustic Resonance Technology). The Enhancement Kit includes:

  • Four (4) So SoundHearts®
  • 100 Watt So Sound® Customer Amplifier with:
  • Stereo input for customer supplied CD Player, iPod, MP3 player, stereo system, or DVD player
  • And output for connecting customer supplied headphones or powered speakers;
  • Power supply and cable;
  • Limited one year warranty.