Want to take your body, mind and spiritual practice to the next level of awareness?

The So Sound® Studio Floor is specifically designed to bring an entirely new dimension of mind, body, spiritual awareness and sensory integration to your practice.  As you feel the healing music you simultaneously hear moving through your entire mind and body like an inner cellular dance, you naturally become more present.

Have you ever experienced over stressing certain muscles and joints; while under-utilizing the more subtle energy that supports optimal alignment, true inner balance, flow and/or harmony?

Enjoy the benefits of the So Sound® Studio Floor in a variety of ways including standing, sitting, and lying; thus supporting a comprehensive stress management program to meet your daily needs. It is ideal for creating a stretching, meditation and/or relaxation station in your home, office or fitness studio.

The So Sound® Studio Floor specifically has been found to support:

  • Better balance, deeper sense of grounding, postural and energy alignment.
  • Deeper inner awareness of center, neutral spin and use of breath.
  • Achieving greater levels of sensory integration, relaxation, and meditation.
  • Reduction in chronic stress, pain, and muscular tension; thus increasing flexibility.
  • Increased circulation while exercising, standing, sitting, stretching or relaxing.
  • Providing biofeedback to bring deeper awareness of where you are stressing or holding muscles tight, thus allowing you to make, subtle yet powerful shifts to bring the body, mind and spirit into resonance.
    • Letting you know “in your joints” when you’re improperly aligned.

The feet are powerful receptors for the body/mind as known through the science of reflexology. These portable floors can also be used within performance halls, galleries, stages, retail stores, trade show booths and/or other environments where people are required to stand for long periods of time to help reduce stress and pressure, while increasing circulation and supporting happy feet!