Uplift the ‘vibe’ of any massage, facial, spa or healing arts treatment with the gentle caress of music resonating through a treatment table uniquely designed to harmoniously relax both the body and the mind of your customers.

Healing artists are helping customers, quickly relax more fully, and receive enhanced benefits of any treatment. This musical massage experience efficiently and effectively transitions customers from the outer world of stress, chaos and noise, to the inner world of deep relaxation, sensory integration and peace!  Therapists are simultaneously able to more deeply tune into where to focus their energy to support optimal body/mind and spiritual harmony for their customers as well as themselves.

So Sound® has partnered with industry leading manufacturers  to offer this state of the ART (Acoustic Resonance Therapy) experience to spas, body workers, and individual consumers through a variety of treatment table models; thus supporting optimal health and wellness for their customers.

In addition, So Sound® is now offering Retrofit Kits for customers that want to upgrade their existing treatment tables or other spa furniture to enhance their customer’s experience; as well as their revenue opportunities with So Sound® A.R.T. Please see So Sound® Retrofit Kit to learn more.

Key Benefits users have shared:

  • Supports deeper relaxation and pain management experiences in less time
  • Feeling of warmth, increased circulation, relaxation and increase energy flow
  • Enhanced stress management and comfort during painful procedures
  • Ergonomically supportive for the therapist, as they too enjoy the Acoustic Resonance and intuitively connect with clients as they are more relaxed; thus making the therapists job less tacking, and the customer experience more fulfilling.