After 30 plus years of R&D working in the fields of sound, music and vibrational therapy, along with in depth experience using other “off the shelf” transducers; Barry Oser (co-founder/CIO of So Sound®) created these highly reliable, versatile, full range, hi- fidelity Acoustic Resonance transducers.

The patented So SoundHearts® and So Sound® proprietary amplifier connect to any music source (such as a stereo, CD/ MP3 player, iPod) which transmits the signature So Sound® ART (Acoustic Resonance Therapy) Experience!


The So SoundHearts® are not sold as individual units. They are strategically embedded within, or attached to, commercial products using proprietary design and attachment methods to support the ultimate in harmonic intelligence.  They are also sold as part of a So Sound® Retrofit Kit that can be installed upon treatment tables, and other furniture, fixtures and equipment. Please visit the So Sound® Retrofit Kit page to learn more.

So Sound® ART can also be experienced within your Sunlighten Sauna, Living Earth Crafts Treatment Tables, The So Sound® Loungers, Beds, and more. When you experience So Sound® within you will know the difference!

Music Therapy, vibro-acoustic and other Integrative Medicine Research shows that sound and music can assist in:

  • Significant Stress Reduction, including symptoms of PTSD and Autism
  • Significant reduction in chronic muscle tension and pain management
  • Balancing heart rate; blood pressure and increasing circulation
  • Energizing and uplifting one’s mood and emotional health and well being
  • Enhancing creativity, communication, performance and problem solving capabilities

We are committed to on-going research and co-development with targeted strategic manufacturing, sales and distribution partners; as well as health and wellness affiliates to ensure a state-of-the-art So Sound® within brand you can trust.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership opportunity with us to differentiate your current product offerings and/or enhance your customer’s sensational experience, by placing So Sound® within a product not offered through So Sound® or one of our strategic partners’ offerings, please contact: